Tele 58mm Lens by Moment


Brand: Moment
Series: M-series
Sale price$129.99



The Tele 58mm is the newest, sharpest lens from Moment. Designed for the latest iPhones, the Moment 58mm is sharp in every corner. Capture 4x on a dual lens phone for a natural 120mm look and 2x on a single lens phone for a more traditional 58mm zoom. This six element design is the most glass ever put into a Moment lens.

    • Natural depth of field
    • Perfect for portrait photography
    • Cinema quality glass
    • Aerospace Grade Metal
    • Twist and lock Moment M-series lens mount
    • Covered by Moment's 12 month warranty


  • Technical
    • Chromatic Aberration: less than 1px at edge
    • Design: 4 elements, 4 groups
    • Lens Coating: multi-layer, low flare broadband anti-reflection
    • Magnification Ratio: 2.0X
    • Tv Distortion: less than 0.25%
    • Weight: 49.5g
    • Height: 26.5mm
    • Diameter: 34.5mm


  • When to use this lens?
    • Portraits: The 58mm focal length is ideal for capturing faces in compelling and flattering compositions
    • Dramatic Landscapes: Focus on the details with tightly cropped landscapes, especially on dual lens phones
    • Travel: Get closer to the local views without the trek, while maintaining a crystal clear image
    • Sports: Use over the tele lens on dual lens phones to get closer to the action with a 100mm+ focal length
  • Where can I download the Moment Pro Camera app
    You can learn more about the Moment Pro Camera app here, or download directly for iPhone and Android.
  • What is the warranty for this product?
    This product is covered under Moment's 12 month warranty.

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