Tele 58mm Lens by Moment


Brand: Moment
Series: M-series
Sale price$129.99


Fulfilled by our friends at Moment


The Tele 58mm is the newest, sharpest lens from Moment. Designed for the latest iPhones, the Moment 58mm is sharp in every corner. Capture 4x on a dual lens phone for a natural 120mm look and 2x on a single lens phone for a more traditional 58mm zoom. This six element design is the most glass ever put into a Moment lens.

    • Natural depth of field
    • Perfect for portrait photography
    • Cinema quality glass
    • Aerospace Grade Metal
    • Twist and lock Moment M-series lens mount
    • Covered by Moment's 12 month warranty


  • Technical
    • Chromatic Aberration: less than 1px at edge
    • Design: 4 elements, 4 groups
    • Lens Coating: multi-layer, low flare broadband anti-reflection
    • Magnification Ratio: 2.0X
    • Tv Distortion: less than 0.25%
    • Weight: 49.5g
    • Height: 26.5mm
    • Diameter: 34.5mm


  • When to use this lens?
    • Portraits: The 58mm focal length is ideal for capturing faces in compelling and flattering compositions
    • Dramatic Landscapes: Focus on the details with tightly cropped landscapes, especially on dual lens phones
    • Travel: Get closer to the local views without the trek, while maintaining a crystal clear image
    • Sports: Use over the tele lens on dual lens phones to get closer to the action with a 100mm+ focal length
  • Where can I download the Moment Pro Camera app
    You can learn more about the Moment Pro Camera app here, or download directly for iPhone and Android.
  • What is the warranty for this product?
    This product is covered under Moment's 12 month warranty. For more information, see Moment's warranty policy or can reach out to Moment at

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