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Fulfilled by our friends at Sannify

Everything the SanniBox does, only better. SanniBox Pro charges your smartphone, and kills 99.99% of bacteria and germs found on it without liquids, heat or chemicals.


Even faster 360° sanitization
The SanniBox Pro takes just 3 minutes to completely sanitize your smartphone, half the time needed for SanniBox, which requires 6 minutes. After-which, SanniBox Pro automatically shuts off, preventing overheating. You can leave your devices inside the SanniBox Pro to continue charging. 

The interior is rounded and also coated with a Vacuum-Plated ABS inner shell for full UV-C light reflectivity.

Charges your devices too!
Save time by sanitizing and charging all of your devices simultaneously with an integrated 5V2A Wireless Qi charger for fast/quick charging.

Sanitize more
SanniBox can sanitize more than just your smartphone, you can place keys, credit cards, make up brushes, jewellery, surgical masks, money, etc.

Select your desired modes
Choose to (1) charge, (2) sanitize or (3) do both at the same time by selecting your desired modes.

Leave it to charge overnight
SanniBox Pro continues charging your devices even after the Sanitization process is completed.

Save money

Ever wondered how much you spent on disposable wipes and disinfectants? That amount may shock you!

Fits most phones comfortably
Fits all Apple, Samsung, and Google devices, such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, Galaxy S10s, and Pixel 3, as well as other large phones.

Compatible with all Android and iOS devices
Charges any device with Qi Wireless Charging technology. This includes smartphones, smartwatches and wireless earphones like Apple Earpods & Samsung Galaxy Buds.

UV-C Wavelength: 
Input power: 5V2A(Fast Wireless Qi Charger) / 9V2A(UV-C Light)
Transmitting power: 10W 5W 2W
Inner mobile compartment size: 6.5*3.4*1.2in
Exterior size: 8.1*8.1*2.3in
Weight: 17.6oz

CE Certified
FCC Certified

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