Fisheye 14mm Lens by Moment


Brand: Moment
Series: M-series
Sale price$129.99



The Moment Fisheye 14mm Lens captures the biggest possible scene imaginable on a mobile phone. Crisp edge-to-edge, this 14mm lens is perfect for taking photos and videos in tight spaces, or making epic landscapes look even bigger. It’s the perfect tool to capture all of your adventure.

    • 170 degree field of view
    • Cinema quality glass
    • Aerospace grade metal
    • Twist and lock Moment M-series lens mount
    • Covered by Moment's 12 month warranty


  • Technical
    • Optics: 14mm Rectilinear Fisheye
    • Chromatic Aberration: less than 1.5 Pixels across format
    • Design: 4 elements 3 groups, includes 1 glass aspheric element
    • Lens Coating: multi-layer, low fare broadband anti-reflection
    • Field of view: 170 degree rectilinear
    • Distortion: 100% Fisheye distortion at the edge


  • When to use the Fisheye 14mm Lens?
    • Roadtripping: Capture your trip with a new dynamic perspective
    • Architecture / Real Estate: Capture the widest possible view of interiors
    • Action Sports: Get a unique perspective and make your friends look even more epic while they shred
    • Video: Phones crop your video to add stabilization. Get that crop back plus add much more field of view. Perfect for vlogging
    • Architecture / Real Estate: Capture the widest possible view of interiors
  • What about video?
    If you shoot a lot of video, you know that the phone crops in on your image in order to stabilize. With the Fisheye 14mm Lens, you can gain all that image back and add much more field of view. What filmers love most about this lens is the subtle curves on the edge enable creativity without distorting the look of the shot.
  • What makes this lens unique?
    Fisheye lenses are known for curved images. Not the Moment Fisheye 14mm. Instead we deliver almost a perfectly flat, 170 degree image that is sharp across the entire scene. We did update the glass alignment on the Fisheye 14mm to minimize any dark corners that can arise on the newer devices.
  • Where can I download the Moment Pro Camera app
    You can learn more about the Moment Pro Camera app here, or download directly for iPhone and Android.
  • What is the warranty for this product?
    This product is covered under Moment's 12 month warranty.

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