Active Rugged Case by Nomad


Device: AirPods Pro
Sale price$34.95



Designed to give your AirPods Pro a classic, yet bold new look. This two-piece Rugged Case has an optical light pipe for the LED charging indicator and a lanyard attachment point for an optional wrist strap. Built with hydrophobic, water-resistant leather, Active Rugged Case repels water, making it perfect for protecting your AirPods from unexpected splashes, sweaty workouts, and any other adventures.

    • Mocha Heinen leather from Germany
    • Designed for AirPods Pro
    • Protective microfiber lining
    • Two-piece construction
    • Integrated light pipe for LED charging indicator
    • Lanyard attachment point (LANYARD NOT INCLUDED)


  • Materials
      • Mocha Heinen leather
      • Black polycarbonate shell
      • Protective microfiber lining
  • Compatibility
    • Built for AirPods Pro
    • Accessible Lightning port
    • Accessible Bluetooth setup button
  • Dimensions
    • Height 49.5mm
    • Width: 66.2mm
    • Depth: 25.9mm
  • Wireless
    • Qi Wireless compatible
    • Rugged Case does not affect wireless charging


  • How do I remove the case?
    The best way is to use a Lightning cable. Plug your AirPods Pro in to charge, then hold your case and push on the Lightning cable through to carefully remove the case.
  • How does the water-resistant leather we use differ from leathers used in other cases?
    The leather we use in Active Rugged Case is provided by Heinen, a German tannery established in 1891. Heinen's special tanning process makes this leather extremely water-resistant and durable, perfect for athletic and outdoor applications. While other leather is sprayed with a water-resistant coating that wears off over time, Heinen leather is thoroughly infused with natural lipids that should never wear out.
  • Will the leather scuff and patina over time?
    The natural hydrophobic leather used in this product is also resistant to light scratches and scuffs. Unlike our cases built with Horween leather, Active Rugged Case is designed to only develop a slight patina slowly over time.
  • How do I attach a lanyard to my Rugged Case for AirPods Pro?
    The lanyard attachment point is built into the right-hand side of the AirPods Pro Rugged case. In order to attach the lanyard, it is best to use a small object like a paperclip to help push the thread through the openings on the case. We suggest attaching our Wrist Strap.

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